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iPhone was nearly called Telepod

by on06 March 2013

In a parallel universe it still is

The Tame Apple Press has tapped out a “funny” where it is pointed out that one of the names that the Iphone nearly got was “telepod.”

“The word iPhone has rapidly become one of the most frequently used tech terms around and no competitor has managed to come close to creating an equally powerful name for their product,” Shortlist enthused. According to Ken Segall, the former head of advertising for Apple, Steve Jobs considered the words Telepod, Mobi, Tripod and the iPad.

The implication of the story is that “telepod” would not have worked because iPhone was a genius name and one we are all familiar with. However what the story fails to note is that the word iPhone is just as silly as the other names. It is just that Jobs settled on the word iPhone and rammed it down the throats of the world with heavy marketing.

It is difficult to imagine the iPhone being called anything else because it has been chanted by countless Apple fanboys who think that they are somehow thinking different by chanting it as a mantra. In a parallel universe they would have done the same thing with telepod, or Mobi with the same enthusiasm and the Tame Apple Press would be thinking that it was daft that they even considered the name iPhone.

Clearly the world iPad would never take off would it?

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