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Not all rosy with AMD Never Settle Reloaded

by on07 March 2013


Cebit 2013: Issues with retailers

AMD’s latest gaming promotion, better known as the Never Settle Reloaded bundle, did work for all people who got the vouchers.

We tried the codes ourselves and it was not that hard to redeem the code. In fact it was a rather simple process. Still we heard a few reports where people claim that they didn’t get their codes as retailers simply forgot to pass them on.

We heard that one retailer was giving away codes to anyone who bought any graphics cards, including Nvidia cards, and this is definitely not something that AMD had in mind.

Some people took to AMD’s gaming webpage at Facebook to complain, telling AMD that they didn’t get their codes. Something went wrong in execution as we heard that retailers didn’t necessarily put the codes in the boxes. They were simply handing them out to people. We can see how this could go wrong on many levels.

The problem was not related to AMD, it was just that some people in retail didn’t really pay attention to some of the details and terms of the giveaway.

Let us know in a comment section that you got / didn’t get your code.

Last modified on 07 March 2013
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