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4K TV panel shipments to hit 2.6 million this year

by on15 March 2013

More work for TV makeup artists

Shipments of Ultra HD, or 4Kx2K TV panels are forecast to hit 2.6 million units this year. A mere 63,000 units were shipped last year, but don’t expect 40-fold growth this in 2013.

Ultra HD panels remain prohibitively expensive and the fact that there is practically no 4K content out there isn’t helping. NPD Display Research points out that panel makers are currently focused on leveraging new technologies, trying out new designs, high efficiency backlight units and high-output driver integrated circuits.

Shipments are primarily focused on larger panels, 50 to 65 inches. Panel makers hope to accelerate 4Kx2K panel adoption by strengthening their relations with TV makers and by incorporating new technology. Such as upscaling technology to bring HD content to 4K. Of course, upscaling is a bit of a gimmick and it is not substitute for proper 4k content, which is still lacking.

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