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Battlefield 4 to arrive fall 2013

by on26 March 2013

Latest leaks appear to confirm what we knew

The latest round of Battlefield 4 leaks have been making the rounds. These leaks confirm what we have been hearing from sources; Battlefield 4 will arrive at some point during fall 2013. We suspect that means late October by the latest whispers we are hearing.

In addition, those that pre-order will get Battlefield 4 dog tags as a pre-order bonus. It is not yet clear if this will be the same pre-order bonus that will be offered by all retailers or just a select retailer. We are suspecting it could be likely that the physical dog tag pre-order bonus could be restricted to only GameStop and EB Games because the artwork making the rounds is said to be leaked from EB Games.

The official Battlefield 4 announcement is coming Wednesday when it is believed that not only will an official release date be announced, but also when fans can officially expect the already announced multiplayer beta. It does seem increasing likely that the multiplayer beta will be on target for an early fall arrival, but some are suggesting to us that a very late summer arrival is possible.

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