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360 to get new camo controller

by on28 March 2013

Will be a Walmart exclusive offering

The Xbox 360 will be getting another special controller. This time, it will be a camouflaged painted offering arriving at your local Walmart. It may be a Walmart exclusive in North America, but we are not certain of that yet. (We also don’t know if you will also be able to buy it at Sams Club.)

The controller is of the same wireless design with the rotating D-Pad that we have come to enjoy from previous Xbox 360 limited edition controller releases of late. It is said that it will go for $55 when it arrives; beyond the fact that it costs $5 less than the limited edition models we have been seeing for some time now, there doesn’t seem to be any other compelling reason to own one, unless you are into the camouflaged theme that it offers.

The camouflaged themed controller will apparently be offered in other regions, as well, but Microsoft has not announced those details yet.

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