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Jobs was responsible for iPhone 5

by on02 April 2013

Not Cook’s fault

Those who are blaming CEO Tim Cook for Apple’s current lack of innovation and falling share price might be a little surprised to discover that it is not his fault. Apparently the iPhone 5, which was basically a bigger iPhone 4 with few new functions, was signed off by the Apple Messiah himself – Steve Jobs.

At a meeting with the San Francisco district attorney, George Gascón Apple's liaison officer Michael Foulkes is reported by the San Francisco Examiner to have said the designs for the next two phones "preceded Tim Cook". This means that Jobs signed off and approved all the invocation on the iPhone 5 before he died.

This was confirmed that in Jobs's biography includes him testing out the Siri voice-control function that was introduced in the iPhone that October. While this is not unusual within the smartphone industry, it does mean that the fall of Apple was not Cook’s fault. He is still enforcing the cunning plan that Steve Jobs had, even when, like Siri and Apple Maps the technology is not ready yet.

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