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Xbox 360 users best in bed

by on04 April 2013

PC gamers are not players

Every once in a while we come across an amusing survey or poll, and the one we got today is priceless.


British outfit VoucherCodesPro polled the partners of 1,747 gamers around the UK in an effort to learn more about “external influences” on relationships. In layman’s terms, the survey tried to find out what sort of an impact games had on personal relationships. Also, sex.

The most common gaming platform listed by gamers’ partners was the Xbox, with 31 percent of the vote. The PlayStation 3 ranked second with 26 percent, while the Wii and PC came ended up with 12 and 10 percent respectively. It would appear that Xbox and PS3 gamers are a lot better and finding partners and staying in relationships.

Asked to rank their partners’, ahem, sexual performance, here’s what the respondents had to say:

Excellent - 11%
Very good - 14%
Good - 27%
Average - 26%
Below average - 20%

So on average gamers are, well, average in bed. No surprises there then. However, a breakdown of gaming platforms reveals that Xbox owners have the magic touch. A whopping 54 percent of Xbox users ranked good or very good, while 22 ranked excellent.

As for PC gamers, things are not looking good at all. Only 3 percent were described as excellent and 8 percent were regarded as good. We blame Sid Meir’s Civilization series for the abysmal results.

However, there’s a different angle here. If PC gamers are so bad in bed, it must mean that PC games are awesome, so awesome in fact that PC gamers tend to neglect their partners. On the other hand, it might have something to do with easy access to depraved pornographic content, which is found on 99.62 percent of PC gaming rigs.

Last modified on 04 April 2013
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