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Blocking pre-owned titles would be suicide

by on08 April 2013

Would hurt Xbox Next and give the market to PS4

While we still have no confirmation that Microsoft is planning to block the play of pre-owned games on its next console, many rumors seem to indicate that the company is moving in that direction. It does seem that the always-connected-to-the-Internet requirement of the console is likely.

The latest on Sony’s PlayStation 4 is that the console will not be blocking the play of pre-owned or used titles, and should Microsoft elect to block the play of pre-owned or used titles, the decision would almost be retail suicide for Microsoft. The reality is, however, that the market for the Xbox Next would shrink and the number of Xbox Next owners would shrink, as many would likely choose the PlayStation 4. Recent polling and studies of the situation indicate that this is a given; but Microsoft would likely still make money on the Xbox Next.

Our sources tell us that always on/connected to the Internet is pretty much a given and something that we don’t see Microsoft changing. As for blocking used games, it would be hard for us to believe that Microsoft would choose to go to this extreme unless Sony is doing it as well. With the move toward digital delivery, we would look for Microsoft to make that an attractive option, rather than just blocking used games.

The outcry against Microsoft blocking pre-owned and used titles we believe would be huge; and if the company wants to reach the maximum number of consumers they have to offer what consumers want. Of course, if Microsoft has a different plan we will have to just wait and find out.

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