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New Xbox will be always on

by on09 April 2013

Or still on the shop shelf

Microsoft deep throats have confirmed to Paul Thurrott that the much rumoured pricing options for Microsoft's next-gen platform, claims always-online requirement are accurate.

Thurrott has claimed that the Xbox 720 will launch in November beginning at $300 for a subscription-based model. A standard model will sell for around $500. In other words it is going to be very expensive. But he said that the Xbox 720 won't be the only new Xbox on shelves this season. Microsoft is planning a $99 "Stingray" Xbox 360. There is no information on what this box is yet.

Thurrott said this is a confirmed feature for the platform, claiming the system's notes specifically state that the Xbox 720 "must be Internet-connected to use." Apparently the Xbox 720 reportedly stops functioning if an Internet connection drops for three minutes. This was my experience of the early Xbox so I am not surprised.

Thurrott said Microsoft is planning a reveal event on May 21.


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