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Upcoming Respawn title to be Xbox exclusive?

by on01 May 2013

Rumors that EA & Microsoft have some kind of a deal

The upcoming FPS title that is in development at Respawn Entertainment could be an Xbox exclusive for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox Next, according to a number of sources. The rumors suggest that the deal for the EA Partners release will be exclusive for the Microsoft Xbox platforms. It isn’t known if this will be a “timed exclusive” or if the deal is for a total exclusive.

We know very little about the game itself, other than it will be a futuristic offering that is centered on FPS multiplayer. We know that Respawn trademarked the name Titan earlier this month, and the developer is planning to take the wraps off the title this June at E3 with the game’s official reveal.

If Microsoft was able to get this deal done, even if it were a timed exclusive, the impact could be big; the need for big titles for the Xbox Next is necessary when it is unlikely that we will see a new Gears of War title or Halo title with the release of the new console. As for how much faith we have in this rumor, we have to think that with this much talk there has to be something to it.

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