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Minecraft to hit retail on June 4th

by on02 May 2013

Includes 48 hours of Xbox Live Gold

The retail edition of Minecraft on disc for the Xbox 360 has been delayed a couple of times, but Microsoft has now confirmed that it is set for retail release on June 4th in North America and on June 28th in Europe.

The retail disc edition will include all of the content from the version on Xbox Live Arcade, and it will get the same updates as the XBLA version of the game going forward. As a bonus, Microsoft is also apparently including 48 hours of Xbox Live Gold as part of the retail release.

Rumors of a release of the retail version in other regions continue, but so far Microsoft has not yet confirmed its release in any additional regions other than North America and Europe. If successful, however, we suspect that Microsoft may push it out to other regions at some point in the near future.

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