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Motorola X Phone pics leaked

by on03 May 2013

Looks Nexus-esque, plasticky

Rumours of a Motorola X Phone have been floating around for ages, including some crudely photoshopped fake pics. However, the latest set of photos released by EvLeaks seems to be legit.

The photos show a rather conservative design to put it mildly. From the front it looks a lot like the Nexus 4, but the back is clearly from Motorola’s stables. Also, it now seems the X Phone is codenamed Ghost. To be honest, it doesn’t look like a game changer. It seems the rear panel is made out of polycarbonate rather than Kevlar, or glass, or carbon-fibre, or ceramics, or any other fancy material that was rumoured in the past.

Those who were expecting Motorola’s Skunk Works to come up with a proper Android flagship that would wipe the floor with the HTC One and Galaxy S4 could and should be disappointed. Frankly, if this really is the X Phone, it is starting to look like the most overhyped phone this year.

As far as specs go, the production version should feature 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 1080p screen, at least that’s what Phone Arena’s sources are saying.


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