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Future of Gran Turismo 6 to be announced May 15

by on09 May 2013

Celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo at Silverstone

Sony has sent out invites to come celebrate 15 years of Gran Turismo on May 15th at Silverstone. It is expected that series designer Kazunori Yamachi will speak on the future of the franchise and officially announce Gran Turismo 6, which is expected yet this year for the PlayStation 3.

It is also expected that besides officially announcing the release date for Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, some clarity will be offered as to the franchise’s future with the PlayStation 4. Rumors continue that a PS4 version is in development, but it is unknown if this is actually a new title or just an enhanced port of the Gran Turismo specifically for the PlayStation 4.

Like everyone else, we will just have to wait and see what the plan is for the PS4; but it would be hard to believe that Sony would leave such an important franchise on the bench when word is that Microsoft will officially announce Turn 10’s new Forza title for the Xbox Next, which is believed to be Forza 5. Sources continue to suggest that this new Forza title will be among the exclusive launch titles for the Xbox Next.

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