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Samsung is the winner from Android sales

by on16 May 2013

You probably were not expecting this

Beancounters working for Strategy Analytics' have been adding up numbers and dividing by their shoe size to work out that for the first part of the year the only ones to make money out of Android in the first quarter were Samsung.

More than $5.1 billion of Samsung's $7.9 billion operating profit last quarter believed to have come from Android and this made up 94.7 percent of Android's hardware profit. The only other company that made enough money to stand out was LG, whose $119 million in mobile profits got it to a much smaller 2.5 percent.

HTC, Sony, ZTE and the rest were lumped into the ignominious "other" category, at 2.7 percent. Of course we have reported how the only other outfit to make money out of Android is Microsoft which collects a huge chunk of royalty payments on the software. Still it looks like the more conventional title of winner of the Android race has to go Samsung.

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