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Many gamers would rather try a new game than have sex

by on17 May 2013

Tough choice

It seems that as many as one in two men in relationships would rather try out a new game than have sex with their partners. 

According to a not-so-scientific study conducted by, 49 percent would rather unwrap a video game than undress their significant other, while only 32 percent would opt for some love making. The remaining 19 percent are undecided and they say it depends on the game. The survey polled 1,442 Brits and found that 30 percent of them believe their partners would not expect them to turn down sex over a game.

So which games are best suited for population control? GTA 5 tops the list, with 71 percent choosing it over sex. It’s trailed by FIFA 14, with 67 percent and Elder Scrolls Online at 55 percent. It seems that many shooter lovers prefer headshots over head. 52 percent said they would rather try out Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

So why are all those holier than thou family values people so concerned about violent video games? We know sex trumps violence as the bigger threat in their 19th century mindset, so it seems that they should be handing out copies of GTA to teens rather than religious pamphlets.

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