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Microsoft claims lots of surprises Tuesday

by on20 May 2013

They will need it to start significant momentum

According to none other than Microsoft’s own Major Nelson, the company has more than a few surprises planned for the upcoming press conference where the company will unveil the new Xbox Next. The press conference is said to be about talking about the vision and explaining where Microsoft is expecting to take the platform in the future.

So, while software will be revealed Tuesday, as with the first game play from Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts we expect much of the focus to be about the hardware and the entertainment uses of the hardware, which we expect will disappoint some gamers. Sources tell us that Microsoft is planning the E3 press conference to be all about the games. We expect some software to be shown and announced Tuesday, but the bulk of what Microsoft is planning on the gaming front is not going to come until E3.

Of course, there will be the comparisons between Sony’s press conference introducing the PlayStation 4 and what Microsoft does here. By Sony going first, you would think that Microsoft has had the time to study not only the Sony presentation, but also the reaction of the media and fans. You would also think that Microsoft has learned a lot about what not to do (as well as what to do) to make Tuesday’s unveiling a success; but we will have to wait till Tuesday to see if all of the surprises are what is necessary for the introduction to be rated a success.

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