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Big Content tries to censor pirate documentary

by on22 May 2013

You can’t show as the bad guy

Big Content is trying to prevent documentary makers from showing viewers facts about its anti-piracy campaign. Viacom, Paramount, Fox and Lionsgate have all asked Google to take down links pointing to the Pirate Bay documentary TPB-AFK. They are using the DMCA which means that they believe that the documentary breaks their copyright.

The Pirate Bay documentary TPB-AFK was finally released to the public in February and was available for no cost and has already been watched by millions of people. But for some reason Hollywood has been leaning on Google to remove all mention of the documentary from its search engine. It has done it fairly covertly too as the links are carefully hidden in standard DMCA takedown notices for popular movies and TV-shows.

According to Torrent Freak, Fox asked Google to remove a link to TPB-AFK on Mechodownload. Paramount did the same with a link on the forums. Viacom sent at least two takedown requests targeting links to the Pirate Bay documentary on Mrworldpremiere and Rapidmoviez. Lionsgate asked Google to remove a copy of TPB-AFK from a popular Pirate Bay proxy.

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