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After USA Nvidia’s Shield comes elsewhere

by on22 May 2013

Learning curve

Project Shield, which is now called Nvidia Shield, is up for preorder, at least if you’re in North America.

For $349 Nvidia promises to ship before the end of June 2013 and offers a console, silver lid, AC Adapter, USB cable as well as two full games: Expandable Rearmed and Sonic 4 Episode II THD. Nvidia at least promises that your credit card won't be charged before the console ships.

People across the ocean have started to wonder if the console is coming to other markets anytime soon and the chap that goes by the name Andrew Burnes of Nvidia has already answered the question.

"Shield will launch only in North America to begin with, as it is an entirely new venture for Nvidia. Never before have we produced and sold hardware like this, so there are lots of things to do and learn before we begin an international rollout," he said.

Andrew confirms the international rollout at some future point as retail market and ignoring its partner network is not as easily as people would think. For example, Google continues failing to launch retail / etail products right and this is something that many companies can learn from.

Nvidia’s Shield leaves us with mixed emotions and we are not sure if $349 is the right price for it, but we will see how the market reacts. We also don’t really understand the decision to put the console up for pre-orders before the actual finished product reviews as it would help consumers how the actual device works.

Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the rest of the world including Antarctica will have to wait for Nvidia to learn how to cope with retail / etail Shield and then we might get the chance to buy an actual product. Sony and Nintendo, the main competitors in this market, have been taking a similar rollout approach for years, targeting different markets at different times for quite some time. Google and Apple do the exact same thing.

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