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Around 5 million HTC Ones sold

by on24 May 2013

WSJ quotes company execs

It is no secret that HTC has some financial troubles and that it lost most of its business to Samsung and the rest of the Android gang last year.

Samsung is doing really well and as we reported it took it less than a month to ship 10 million Galaxy S4s. You can read about it here.

Some good news for HTC comes from the Wall Street Journal quoting an HTC executive who claims that the sales of HTC One have been around 5 million devices so far. It is a pretty big number and it comes from the fact that HTC made a really nice phone with HTC One.

The build quality, the unique camera and a few other features like Zoe and the fact that the phone makes a small video out of your day highlight pictures was enough to make a difference. People responded well to the aluminium case and high quality design, something that helps it stand above its main competitors.

Let’s hope that these positive numbers will continue as we like to see HTC around. The HTC One made quite a difference and now it is up to HTC to repeat the success in the low-end and mid-range markets.

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