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Mirror’s Edge 2 likely to be confirmed at E3

by on30 May 2013

EA and DICE wanted to do it and looks like they did

Electronic Arts and DICE have been very vocal about Mirror’s Edge and the desire to produce a Mirror’s Edge 2. While EA and DICE have admitted that it was on their “to do list”, they have not confirmed any more than that. After several place holder leaks over the past couple of weeks, we can tell you that our sources believe that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be announced during the EA presser at E3.

While the place holders have since been pulled, it does seem a natural for DICE to attempt to revisit, with the launch of a new console and the fact that they have a new and more powerful engine to work with to get it done. Look for the announcement at E3, but don’t be surprised if it is a next-generation only title this time around.

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