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New Respawn title is TitanFall

by on07 June 2013

For 360/Xbox One/PC in Spring 2014

Details surrounding the new Respawn title are finally coming to light. The game will be called TitanFall and it is headed to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC in the spring of 2014. The latest GameInformer has the exclusive info, but the details in the magazine have been leaked and have ended up posted on the Internet, just as the magazine is hitting the street.

TitanFall is the first title from developer Respawn Entertainment and it is an exclusive for the Microsoft platforms, including Windows PCs. The Xbox 360 version, however, is apparently being developed by a group other than Respawn. The game will run at 60fps using the Source Engine that was developed by Valve. Respawn decided to go this direction, as the development of a new engine is a prolonged process that the developer did not want to take on at this time.

This pits the heavily armed humans vs. Giant exoskeletons in battles that would seem to be a classic good vs. evil which targeted the current generation; but soon into the development they realized that the current generation of hardware could not run it. The Xbox One and PC versions are the target platforms; while the Xbox 360 version will use the same Source engine, some of the graphics are going to be dubbed down for that platform.

Some of the more interesting things announced in the review were the plan to use Microsoft’s Cloud for dedicated servers and physics and AI calculations, which is something new. While the game uses the Source engine, they have rewritten major portions of it. The game will have a sort of a Blade Runner or District 9 vibe. It will offer some sort of Smartglass and Kinect support, but that still has not been decided yet.

From what we can tell, the game does look interesting and different. There is still a lot to know, but once we see more at E3 I think we will have a better idea how this title is going to shake out. Still, spring 2014 is a long time to wait.

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