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Apple’s update stuffs-up your Wi-Fi

by on10 June 2013

Networking genius strikes again

Apple really should do something to improve its pants reputation for networking. This week it was revealed that update for the iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 stuffs up Bluetooth and Wi-FI connections.

There’s a 16-page forum post on Apple’s website and an Apple help page for correcting the cock-up. Wi-Fi is important for US Apple users who do not want to use Verizon’s network and slow 3G speeds. Bluetooth is popular with fanboys who use their phones in the car.

What is odd is that the software update was supposed to fix the Wi-Fi, but it ended up breaking it in several iPhone 4 and 4s phones. The story was revealed by the Time tech correspondent Doug Aamoth who agonises why he had to buy an out-of-date iPhone which works while he waits for the new one to arrive.

We would have thought that a Time tech correspondent should have bought a proper phone which worked, rather than give more cash to Job's Mob after it broke a phone with a software update. Clearly did not realise that there were better non-apple phones out there peddled by companies who do not treat their customers so badly.

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