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Terrorist boffins build death ray

by on20 June 2013

Wanted to kill Obama

Two boffins, who happened to be right-wing terrorists, had built a death ray and wanted to kill President Obama with it. Normally right-wing nutjobs do not have the brains to do much more than shoot something, so you have to admire the tech that was behind their plan.

Glendon Scott Crawford and his mate Eric J. Feight, blamed Obama for the recent Boston marathon bombings.
Crawford had built a homemade X-ray machine that used deadly amounts of radiation to kill targets and could be detonated remotely.
The FBI said the device would have been both "functional" and "lethal". Crawford bragged that the design was "Hiroshima on a light switch".

After they bumped off Obama they planned to turn the death ray on a Muslim organisation. Crawford was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and they began investigating him last year after he allegedly inquired about technology that could kill "Israel's enemies while they slept". He spent months building the X-ray machine and recruited Feight to his kill plot later.

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