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Updated PS3 SuperSlim on horizon?

by on24 June 2013

Sony has apparently filed for certification

While Sony has not had much to say about the PlayStation 3 as of late since the focus has been squarely on the PlayStation 4, after Microsoft’s introduction of a new cost reduction version of the Xbox 360 we have been wondering if Sony would follow suit with an updated PlayStation 3 as well.

The company has been heard saying that they had no immediate plans to do so, but apparently the company has filed for certification for two new PlayStation 3 SuperSlim models in South Korea. The model numbers are CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C. In addition to these SKUs, a new CECH-4200 model in versions A,B,C has been filed for in Japan, as well as the DECH-4200JA, which is assumed to be a developmental model.

While Sony has said that cost reduction on the PlayStation 3 has been difficult, it would seem that the unit contains some additional cost reduction and reduced power consumption, we would assume. The difference between the units would appear to be the region that the unit is designed to function in. It would seem that not much else has changed with these new SuperSlim PS3 models. It is unknown what Sony’s timetable is to actually start shipping these units.

Read more here as Kotaku knows more about this as well.


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