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New Kinect for Windows development kit coming

by on27 June 2013

Pre-order for November delivery for $399 if accepted

Microsoft is starting to accept applications for a chance to buy the new Kinect for Windows development kit. If accepted, those developers will get the chance to get a head start on developing, using Kinect for Windows. All it costs you is $399 if selected to purchase one of these limited number of development kits.

After the initial wave of developer kits is gone, those who still want one will apparently have to wait till the commercial version arrives sometime next year. Developers who want the early access will have only till July 31st to get their application into Microsoft. Those selected will be notified at some point in August.

Microsoft says that the number of development kits for Kinect for Windows will be limited, but they are not saying how many. There seems to be significant interest in the next Kinect development kit. If you thought some interesting things were possible with the old Kinect, the new Kinect offers even more possibilities, we are told.

Fill out your application to pre-order here.



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