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Motorola X fully customizable

by on04 July 2013

Covers, engravings, wallpapers

None other than ABC News has found a few details about highly anticipated Motorola X phone. This one will be manufactured in 500.000 foot factory in Texas, running 4.2.2 and coming in custom colors and custom wallpapers and even engravings.

nd users will be able to select form a palette of different colours, making it possible to mix different colours for the back of the phone and the rest of the trim. Users will be able to engrave name or message on the back cover as well as update wallpaper via company website. The engraving part reminds us of an Apple strategy with iPods and we believe that this will find a lot of customers and getting a different coloured phone is always a nice alternative.

We don’t know much about the screen size and CPU of the phone, although there are plenty of rumoured specs out there, but we are quite sure that both Verizon and AT&T will get a piece of the action. Motorola has started pre 4th of July campaign with ads that you can see here. The ads imply that many customizations will be possible. Designed by you and assembled in the southern US by a cheap workforce to reduce costs sounds like a winning strategy against almighty Foxconn and its vast manufacturing capabilities, Made in China.

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