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Movie subtitle site raided by cops

by on11 July 2013

y lawbookhammer

Big content decides the law

Swedish bloggers are incandescent with rage after it appears that their police are just obeying rules set by the content industry.The movie subtitle fansite was been raided by the police and content industry which claims that its copyrights were infringed in a criminal way.

The only thing is that, unlike movie P2P sites, the fansite contained nothing but user-submitted translations of movie dialog. Fansubbing is a thriving culture which usually provides better-than-professional subtitles for new episodes with less than 24 hours of turnaround. “Going all-out with a police raid backed by the copyright industry’s enforcement arm in Sweden is a clear escalation of violence,” one blogger wrote.

The argument here is that not only can big content stop you writing about films for no profit; it can also have you arrested in a criminal case if you do so.

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