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Update to scope delays Wasteland 2

by on22 July 2013

Actually, this is really good news overall

The planned October release of the Kickstarter-funded Wasteland 2 is being delayed. While the game will start beta testing in October, because of the additional $2 million in funds that the Kickstarter campaign generated the scope of the game has been expanded to include more.

According to the web site, the game is about six weeks behind where the team would have liked it to be, but because of the increased scope, inXile does not really seem that surprised. Those that donated $55 or more to the Kickstarter will have access to the beta version in October.

Actually, it seems that they have the situation well in hand and the delays (something many will not be happy about) will make for a much better game in the end.

You can read a detailed update on progress here.


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