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Madden to coach Madden 25 all-star team

by on30 July 2013

All 25 team to use the coach’s strategies

As part of the upcoming release of the NFL Madden 25 football game that is coming in a few week, EA Sports has confirmed that none other than John Madden himself will coach the All-25 team that is included within the game.

The All-25 team features a hand-picked set of players from all of the previous Madden releases to form one super team that will be coached using the strategies and plays developed by the game’s namesake. The computer has been programed to provide the most realistic simulation as if you were playing John Madden himself.

NFL Madden 25 is due to be released on August 27th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Releases for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are coming as well and are expected to be launch day titles for both of the new next generation consoles. All versions of Madden 25 will use EA Sport’s new Ignite engine which is say to make the game much more real than ever before. Where have we heard that sales pitch before?

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