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Xbox One controllers more expensive

by on30 July 2013

$10 more than the 360 equivalent controller

Microsoft’s own store has revealed the price for the Xbox One wireless controller. The wireless controller will cost $59.99 which is $10 more than the $49.99 plain Jane Xbox 360 wireless controller or $5 more than the Special Edition wireless controllers that Microsoft has been offering as of late.

If that isn’t getting the blood boiling, then you might you might also find of interest that the Xbox One wireless controller Play and Charge kit which includes the rechargeable battery and USB cable that hooks the controller to the Xbox One for charging is also $10 more than the Xbox 360 equivalent.

Since we are talking about accessory pricing, some might also find it interesting that Microsoft is also going to be charging $24.99 for the Xbox One Wired Headset. If you don’t want to use your Kinect to chat online, you are also going to need one of these. (Previously Microsoft has bundled a headset with the Xbox 360.) Still Microsoft has made no announcement about a wired headset that it intends to offer for the Xbox One or the adapter that has been talked about which will allow the use of your Xbox 360 headset with the Xbox One.

We don’t know what Microsoft’s pricing strategy is here. While admittedly the Xbox One controller might cost a little more because of the additional parts and improvements in the new Xbox One controller, but $10 worth of improvements we find hard to believe. Once again it smacks of Microsoft just not understanding the gaming market. They will get the money, but rest assured Microsoft… people are not going to be happy paying it.

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