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Intel CFO wants more mobile design wins

by on30 July 2013

Not concerned by tablets

Intel Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith doesn’t appear to be too concerned by the tablet surge, or the decline in PC sales for that matter.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Smith said the PC market is slowly transitioning and that shipments of traditional PCs are set to decline. However, Intel is now pursuing the tablet and smartphone markets itself, giving it a chance to make up for the slump in PC sales and make up ground in new markets.

In the past Intel execs described tablets as consumption devices that are supposed to be bought in addition to PCs, not as replacements for them. Although this is true in some cases, in others it simply isn’t, so Intel now wants a piece of the market.

However, Smith confirmed that Intel’s market share in smartphones is “close to zero” and that its share in tablets is low as well, but that might be about to change.

“We’re targeting those designs and really focused on that with the full might of the company and the full power of our manufacturing engine,” Smith said. “Intel doesn’t enter into markets to have small amounts of share.”

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