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Asus to enter US smartphone market

by on30 July 2013

Everyone is doing it

Asus is planning to invade the US smartphone market and it won’t be easy. American consumers love smartphones and the market is already saturated, so Asus will have to do a lot to differentiate.


Asus is hardly a newcomer to the smartphone business, but it is no heavyweight either. Its hybrid smartphones, the Padfone and Fonepad , are already shipping in many markets, with limited success. However, it is not hard to see why Asus wants to give it a go.

The company already has a very good reputation in the Android tablet market, so in theory it should be able to come up with competitive phones with relative ease. It also has a relatively good brand, setting it apart from hordes of white-box smartphone makers.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih told AllThingsD that Asus phones are coming to the US next year. Although his company already builds smartphones, Shih said they are still latecomers, but added that they are making progress.

We should note that Lenovo is also planning to enter western smartphone markets next year. Lenovo already ships more than 10 million smartphones per quarter, but its market is limited to mainland China. Very few Lenovo phones end up in other markets.

Last modified on 30 July 2013
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