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IBM gets Romanian sweeteners

by on30 July 2013

$27.86 million to set up 900 jobs

Biggish Blue will receive more than $27.86 million state-aid from the Romanian government for investment in a project that will generate 900 jobs.

The daily Ziarul Financiar reported that IBM Romania will receive the cash to develop an information technology consultancy project in Bucharest and Brasov. Under Romanian law, state aid is given for large investments that create new jobs. IBM has said that the entire project will cost it 51.2 million euros to set up.

Ziarul Financiar suggested that the project is the same one which was announced in 2011. That involved opening up its eleventh centre of excellence in research, specialising in medical R&D, in Târgu Mure? in Romania. That centre would be eligible for state aid but it was unclear if that centre was included in the $27.86 million package announced.

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