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Microsoft could bundle headset after all

by on31 July 2013

Apparently looking at it after a Tweet appears

The Xbox One headset rumors are again a blaze with a tweet from Albert Penello suggesting that the company has heard the fans and is looking at the possibility of including a headset in the box with the Xbox One after all.

Previously Microsoft had indicated that buyers of the Xbox One could use the bundled Kinect for chat functionality and it would not be including a headset with the Xbox One and instead selling the Xbox One headset separately for $24.99.

The news didn’t go over very well as Microsoft has previously included a headset with the Xbox 360 consoles. In addition a rumored adapter was also talked about by Microsoft that would allow Xbox 360 headsets to be used with the Xbox One. This made many who had invested in high-end headsets for their Xbox 360 pleased to hear that Microsoft was attempting to protect their investment.

At this point it is difficult to say what Microsoft is or is not going to do. Given the amount of mis-steps with the Xbox One, they just might be better to bundle a headset with the console, even if it is a cheap one, but many not want the adapter more than the headset. Stay tuned as we expect Microsoft to finally give up the goods on its plans for the headset and it sure would show some good will to bundle both a cheap headset as well as an adapter, after all it still costs a lot more than the PlayStation 4.

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