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Fudzilla hacks launch sci-tech comedy website

by on01 August 2013

sod-fb2-thumb70px goes live

We’ve got a rather unusual announcement to make. Sod the Net, a new “news for nerds” site which aims to “take the Nintendo” out of everything to do with science and technology has finally gone live.

Founded by Apple Fanboy Nick Farrell and Bosnian separatist Nermin Hajdarbegovic, covers news which is part satire, part true. Both are long-term inmates of Mike Magee’s growing stable of tech magazines which were closer to blogs than orthodox technology magazines of the time. STN also enjoys the support of Fudzilla head honcho Fuad Abazovic, who is currently on the road and doesn't really know what we're doing behind his back. [Sure I don't. Ed]

“What we realised was that while some people wanted technology news presented to them in the style of an Intel press release, others wanted to be entertained,” Farrell said.

“There are two ways to do this. Either you write funny stories or you pack a serious story with gags,” Hajdarbegovic said. “We wondered what would happen if you did only that in one magazine.”

Both are freelancers working for Fudzilla, Techeye, Channeleye and anyone else who will give them money. Farrell has been in serious journalism for 29 years and silly stuff for the last eight. Hajdarbegovic is a former graphics designer and currently news editor at Fudzilla.

“Some of the funniest and most sarcastic stuff we write often ends up on an editor’s spike because it does not fit into the theme of the magazine, we want to give that content a home,” Farrell said.

“We want it to be the sort of place where readers go to snort coffee through their nose at what in other magazines might be a dull story,” Hajdarbegovic said.

The aim is to get a close community of readers who will populate the site with deranged comments of their own and click the adverts.

“It is very important that people click the adverts or we will be really fucked,“ Farrell added. “Did we mention that people are supposed to click on the adverts?”

You can also check out STN on Facebook, here.

Last modified on 02 August 2013
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