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New Wolfenstien to be pushed to 2014

by on02 August 2013

Needed additional time for polish

Out of QuakeCon we hear that Wolfenstien: The New Order has been pushed out till 2014. While all of the details are not clear, Pete Hines who is the VP of PR at Bethesda commented on his Twitter feed that “Felt it deserved some additional time for polish.”

While the news isn’t something that many wanted to hear, you can’t blame Bethesda for wanting to get the game right, rather than just pushing the title out. With a franchise as important as Wolfenstien they need to get it right, especially since the title does not have the direct involvement of id Software.

Beyond the news that it will be coming out in 2014, no specifics were announced on when we could expect it. The news that Wolfenstien: The New Order has been pushed out till 2014, adds another title to the list of games that will not arrive for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year.

A number of for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been announced as delayed till next year or sources tell us that they are in doubt right now for release on next-gen consoles yet this year. We believe that both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing an updated release schedule for both of their console system soon. We can only wonder how much the list has shrank since the last time we saw it.

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