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Left 4 Dead 3 rumors start again

by on07 August 2013

This time from a Valve tour picture

The unconfirmed rumors that Valve is working on Left 4 Dead 3 is making the rounds again. This time the existence of Left 4 Dead 3 is attributed to a picture taken on a Value organized tour by a member of the DOTA 2 clan.

Rumors of a new Left 4 Dead addition in the franchise have been circulating on and off for some time now. So far Valve has had little to say about the rumors beyond suggesting that when they have something to announce, they will announce it.

Still this has not stopped the rumor mill with the accidental listing on Steam and now this new picture, fans are more convinced than ever that Valve is working on a new Left 4 Dead title. The bigger question might be which platforms other than the PC will get this new title? Could it be that it will be a PlayStation title this time around and not arrive for Xbox? Only Valve knows for sure and they are not talking.

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