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Kinect support no longer required

by on13 August 2013

Another policy shift for the Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that they are making another policy shift based on feedback, the Xbox One will no longer require that the included Kinect device be plugged in for the console to operate. While Microsoft is clear that the console was designed to use voice command technology via Kinect, using the Kinect will no longer be a requirement.

The decision represents another major policy shift for the company. Many are already asking if Microsoft will offer a second Xbox One console bundle that does not include the Kinect at a lower price. So far the company has indicated that they have no plans at this time to offer a bundle that does not include the Kinect. Still our sources indicate that they are now apparently planning a Xbox One bundle to be released in 2014 at a lower price without the Kinect, but Microsoft continues to deny this rumor.

The Microsoft decision may have more to do with perception and security that actually listening to was its Xbox customers want. Many of the security concerns, despite multiple attempts by Microsoft to dispel these concerns, some customers are concerned about what Kinect might see and hear and the personal data it collects. Microsoft says that Xbox One users are in control of the Kinect settings which control all security and privacy aspects of what Kinect does. Despite this, it seems many don’t buy it.

With Microsoft changing its mind on policies for DRM, indie self-publishing, and the decision to bundle the a headset in the box, we have to wonder what else might change before release day. Maybe they will decide to include a free game with each Xbox One console purchased?

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