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Nanofluids keeping computers cool

by on19 August 2013

Zalman has the goods

Cooling expert Zalman has just released a new product based around nanofluids. The Reserator 3 is the world’s first liquid cooler which does not just use water it apparently gets more high tech and uses refrigerant nanoparticles to the fluid. All this gets pumped around the cooler transporting the heat produced by a CPU to the radiator and fan where it is expelled.

Needless to say Zalman thinks that this set up is much better at cooling than anything else. It rates its Reserator 3 as offering up to 400W of cooling while remaining very quiet. According to the press release the fluid and pump is supplemented by a dual copper radiator design and “quadro cooling path,” which consists of two copper pipes sitting behind the fan and surrounded by the radiators. The heatsink sitting on top of the CPU is a micro-fin copper base allowing very quick transfer of heat to the nanofluid above.

The Reserator 3 pumps up to 90 liters of water every hour, and if you want extra cooling you can attach a second 120mm fan to the radiator section. It also ships with plates to fit most chips, with support confirmed for Intel 2011, 1366, 1155/1156, 1150, 775 sockets and AMD FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, and AM2 sockets.

No word on price yet. Also, we're not sure Zalman knows what "serator" means in Balkanese. 

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