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New Wii U Web Framework will enable DLC

by on20 August 2013

Developers can monetize their games now

Nintendo has released its new “Web Framework for Wii U” that includes eCommerce support which in turn will allow developers to fully realize the ability to monetize their games on the Wii U platform. This catches the Wii U and the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U with other platforms that already offered this ability.

The big thing that this will do is allow developers the ability to prototype apps for the console using HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. This means that downloadable content and add-ons to games is now possible for developers to create and sell on the Wii U. This is actually a very big deal for the Wii U platform.

Nintendo first talked about the Web Framework for the Wii U back at GDC in March. The eCommerce support offered in the Web Framework is one area that was sorely lacking and left developers without the ability to offer DLC or additional add-ons for their games because it could not be supported till now.

It is unknown if developers will go back and release DLC content for titles already released on the Wii U, but given the number of Wii U consoles that have been sold, we would not could on it. Going forward however, you can expect more developers to use this ability to offer DLC content for the Wii U platform.


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