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Sony confirms some launch dates for PS4

by on21 August 2013

11/15 for North America & 11/29 for Europe

As expected, Sony announced during its press conference at Gamescom some of the launch dates for the PlayStation 4. When we say some launch dates, what we mean is that the launch date for Japan for example was not announced. This strategy of only announcing some of the launch dates isn’t as surprising when you realize that Sony wants to make the announcement for Japan in Japan for example.

Of the 32 countries (that is more than Microsoft will be launching the Xbox One in this holiday season!) that Sony is planning to release the PlayStation 4 in this holiday season, perhaps the two dates that are of the most interest is the confirmation that Sony will wait till November to launch in both North America and Europe, which means unless Sony launches in Japan the last week of October, the rumors of an October release are false.

Sony will be releasing the PS4 in North America on November 15th, 2013 followed by its launch in Europe on November 29th. Microsoft has still not confirmed its launch plans other than to say that it will be released in November, but sources tell us that it looks to be a late November release if that means anything at this point.

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