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Ryse to offer micro-transactions

by on23 August 2013

To be within the multiplayer mode

The Crytek developed Ryse: Son of Rome which is one Xbox One exclusive launch titles will offer the ability for players to take advantage of micro-transactions in the multiplayer game mode. While in game currency can be acquired by playing the game, players will be able to use real world currency to purchase booster packs at Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels which gives players the chance to acquire randomized items which are worth different amounts. Of course the more you spend, the better your chances are to acquire the really rare stuff.


We have seen this type of system before in a number of other games as of late, so the concept isn’t new. Still we have to wonder if those that have been waiting for Ryse all this time are going to be happy with the fact that to progress through the game you may have to spend money to purchase these packs. You don’t have to purchase them, but it is going to take a while to accumulate enough in game currency by just playing the game.

Early previews of Ryse have been mixed from what we can tell. While some like the razzle dazzle that we have seen in some of the previews, it seems to be more of a new twist on the old brawler formula with a splash of strategy and the requirement of some skill to become proficient at playing it. When you throw in the micro-transactions into the mix, we have to wonder if this game will be at the top of the list as a must have for Xbox One owners at launch?

In the end micro-transaction offerings are going to find its way to more and more full price games as both developers and publishers seek additional revenue streams to help steam rising development costs and get a better return on investment. Many of you have told us that you don’t like it, but that seems to be falling on deaf ears.

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