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Rockstar not happy about GTA 5 leaks

by on26 August 2013

Calls for an end to discussion of spoilers

Rockstar is deeply disappointed by the leaks and spoilers that have been appearing online before the Grand Theft Auto V even makes it to release. While the developer is happy to report that Grand Theft Auto V has gone gold and we be releasing September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Still Rockstar isn’t happy about the download of the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V from the Sony PlayStation Store in Europe. Through this download some people were able to access some GTA V assets that has led to the vast amount of information that has been leaked about the game prior to its release.

While Rockstar is very excited about sharing Grand Theft Auto V with you, the amount of development by developers across the world on this title represents a significant amount of work and years of people’s lives to bring this title to you and we are deeply disappointed that the leaks and the spoilers ahead of the title’s release.

While Sony has issued an apology to the publisher for the leak that has occurred, the drama does seem to be ending there. According to reports, while the game isn’t playable right now because it needs and encryption key, it seems the general consensus is that one the disc version is release, an encryption key should be available.

While Rockstar has called on people to not leak anything more about the game, we doubt that it will have little effect. The best that we can contribute is that we will not be making any more comments about the content of the game till after it is released. If you want to find out more, you will have to do it some place other than Fudzilla. (Yeah, we hate leaks. Ed)

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