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Nvidia reportedly working on two new cards

by on29 August 2013

Coming later this year

We weren’t expecting this and it is just a rumour, but reports are emerging that Nvidia is readying two new cards for the winter season. AMD of course is launching new cards four weeks from now, so it is possible that Nvidia would try to counter it.

The big question is with what?

VideoCardz claims one of the cards is an Ultra, possibly the GTX Titan Ultra, while the second one is a dual-GPU job, the Geforce GTX 790. The Ultra is supposedly GK110 based, but it has 2880 unlocked CUDA cores, which is a bit more than the 2688 on the Titan.

The GTX 790 is said to feature two GK110 GPUs, but Nvidia will probably have to clip their wings to get a reasonable TDP.

We’re not entirely sure this is legit. It is plausible, but that doesn't make it true. It would be good for Nvidia’s image, especially if the revamped GK110 products manage to steal the performance crown from AMD’s new Radeons. However, with such specs, they would end up quite pricey and Nvidia wouldn’t sell that many of them – most enthusiasts would probably be better off waiting for Maxwell.

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