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Nexus random reboot strikes again

by on02 September 2013

Second gen Nexus 7 affected

Users of Google’s Nexus 4 handset have been reporting random reboots for months, but Google still has to acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it.

A similar problem now appears to be affecting the new Nexus 7 2. The tablet was first plagued with GPS and multitouch problems, but now it seems to have caught the random reboot bug as well.

According to, many users are reporting daily problems with the new Nexus 7, some claim they experience random reboots twice a day. It should be noted that the reports are coming from a few customers, but the new Nexus 7 is still new and there aren’t that many units in the wild.

Since Google has done absolutely nothing to address the exact same issue plaguing many Nexus 4 devices, we’re not sure it will be any better when it comes to the Nexus 7. We guess random reboots are just a feature of new Nexus products. They are also a good way of ruining the Nexus brand.

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