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North America to get pre-order bundle?

by on05 September 2013

Said to include Forza 5 as the included title

While we know that Xbox One pre-orders in Europe are getting FIFA 14 as a bundled in bonus, we are now hearing that in Europe at least customers have a choice between FIFA 14 and Forza 5. Sources are now telling is that this might not be the end of the bundling.

In fact whispers we hear suggest that an official announcement is coming which will announce that North America Xbox One pre-order customers will be able to join in the fun as the will be getting Forza 5 as a bundled download title with their Xbox One purchase. So far we have not seen evidence of this in the North American market yet, but the rumors seem to be gaining momentum.

As for the Xbox One in North America, Day One Edition pre-orders have been stopped by the majority of retailers, but some continue to accept orders for the Xbox One saying that while they can’t guarantee delivery on launch day or before holidays, they are still accepting orders on a first come, first served basis.

It is still unclear as to how many Xbox One console pre-orders Microsoft has and how many additional consoles they expect to be able to put in the pipeline before Christmas. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Microsoft may have released additional consoles for sale by retailers, but Microsoft has not confirmed this as fact.

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