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Microsoft still looking into game sharing?

by on05 September 2013

Wants it to be part of the digital ecosystem

While Microsoft did bend to the will to the vocal masses and revise its original DRM strategy for the Xbox One, the company is still looking into ways that loaning and trading of digital would be possible on the console.

The ability to resell, trade, and loan digital games is something that did have potential and Microsoft know that no one else is doing this. In a GameSpot interview, Albert Penello a Xbox Senior Director admitted that they believe that this has to be part of the future digital ecosystem for the console, but right now they are focused on the launch of the console, but it something that should be part of the experience.

Like the Family Sharing feature, it is something that Microsoft will revisit when the time is right. Penello was not clear on how these abilities might be added to the console in the future, but it is clearly something that they are looking at in the future. Actually, that isn’t a bad thing, but one has to question at this point if consumers are ready to look beyond the short term to the future of the digital ecosystem as Microsoft calls it.

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