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No new Apple TV for upcoming event

by on09 September 2013

New software updates coming instead

While rumors and speculation have indicated that Apple will launch a new Apple TV model at their upcoming media event this week, we have learned from our sources that this is not to be. Out whispers say to us that instead we should expect the company to announce software updates at the iPhone event instead.

The word we are hearing is that the new software will add additional content and functionality instead. The word is now that Apple will focus on broadening the existing Apple TV units to add new abilities, rather than refresh the hardware.

While little is known about exactly what new functionality they may add, we do know that they have added a number of channels recently and they do have the content aggregation service abilities and app that they acquired with the purchase of

It is expected that the new software could be pushed out to existing Apple TV units as soon as the next couple of weeks. As for the hardware, while they might be looking to refresh it, they general thinking now is that they don’t need to do it till next year, but our source tells us that it might happen still before the end of this year depending on how sales go.

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