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Gigabyte’s got a couple of cheap FM2+ boards

by on09 September 2013

A88X, €50+

FM2+ is AMD’s new mainstream APU socket, but although the first boards are slowly starting to appear in the channel, the first chips won’t be available for four to five months.

AMD still insists desktop Kaveri was not delayed, although it strikes us as odd that motherboard makers would have products ready at such an early stage, so do the math. Gigabyte’s first FM2+ board have been leaked by a few European retailers, but we still don’t know the full specs.

What we do know is that they are micro-ATX boards based on AMD’s A88X chipset. The designations are Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-HD3 and GA-F2A88XM-DS2 and early listings put the price at €55 and €50 respectively. A few weeks ago Gigabyte announced the G1.Sniper board, which is also based on the A88X chipset, but it’s priced at €100.

Asus also has a couple of early FM2+ boards, with A88X and A55 chipsets in tow.

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