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James Pod takes to Kickstarter

by on13 September 2013

Campaign to start September 20th

James Pod creator Chris Sorell is planning launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring a new James Pod game out. The series has seen the underwater agent appear on about every platform that you can think of during the 90s.

While a 2011 revival of James Pod on iOS didn’t get much attention with Deathly Shallows, Sorell is hoping that the new Kickstarter can bring Pond back in an updated form that recaptures the things that people loved about the original game.

The news about the possibility of a new James Pod game came via the Facebook page for the series. Yes, that’s right James Pond has its own Facebook page believe it or not. It is hard to say if people still remember James Pond or will be into the idea of bringing him back. Truth is that we had a lot fund playing these games over the years and it might be interesting to see what the franchise could do with the abilities of current hardware.

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